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Smart Water Systems

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Are You Pouring Your Profits Down the Drain?

Water waste can lead to significant financial losses and undermine your sustainability efforts. Leaks and inefficient practices can result in inflated water bills, costly repairs and damages, and health hazards. Wasted water also puts a significant strain on local water resources and exacerbates the effects of drought and other water-related challenges facing many regions.


of commercial building water waste are due to leaks

3-5 Gallons

of water lost each minute from a single leaky toilet

$10 Billion

of property losses due to water leaks per year

Unleash the Power of Water Monitoring & Conservation

Unlock Water Savings

Identify leaks and inefficiencies in your water usage to reduce water bills, insurance claims and legal penalties.

Elevate Your Green Credentials

Reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with water treatment and transportation.

Optimize Water Operations

Identify areas of high-water consumption and implement strategies to reduce usage, and proactively plan maintenance schedules.

Water Monitoring System


Professional Commercial Water Audit

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. It’s that simple.

When it comes to an effective water conservation strategy, the best approach is to begin by measuring your current water usage. A Connected Sensors Water Audit will explore your building’s water systems, giving you exclusive insights into its performance and opportunities for improvement.


24/7 Smart Water Flow Meter

Save thousands of dollars a month with the Water Monkey.

This cutting-edge device gathers detailed information on water flow rates and patterns, which is then analyzed using AI and Machine Learning technology.

Your Water Monkey will report the analyzed data back to your Connected Sensors live dashboard, giving you exclusive, real-time updates on the water usage in your building.

Water Flow Meter
Water Monitoring System


Smart Leak Detector

Get precise leak detection right at the source with ODEUS.

ODEUS is a point-of-use clamp on leak detector that identifies leaks right at the source as soon as they happen. With ODEUS, you’ll get targeted insights into your water usage activity, helping you detect leaks, irregular usage, and other water consumption issues. From there, you can repair or replace these leaking fixtures as needed, saving your building from damage and reducing your water bill.

Proven Results

Case study QuadReal

QuadReal Avoids $100,000 in Annual Water Costs with the Water Monkey.

Water Monitoring System

Detect Leaks Anywhere

Promptly address leaks in any area of your property to prevent damage and maintain the integrity of your building.

Our Customers

See why these companies choose Connected Sensors for reliable water monitoring and conservation.

From proposals and planning to implementation and support, the Connected Sensors team worked with us every step of the way to ensure our smart water system was set up for success. We now have real-time, measurable insight into our water supply systems, consumption patterns, and water-related equipment to help us identify potential areas of water waste, leaks, and inefficiencies.
John Chung
CIO, Morguard
With real-time monitoring and advanced insight into our water consumption patterns, the Water Monkey has enabled us to swiftly detect leaks, optimize water usage, and maximize cost savings across our extensive property portfolio. We now have greater control over our water infrastructure, enhancing our efficiency and elevating our commitment to sustainability.
Justin Di Ciano
COO, Prime Real Estate Group

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