North Park Terrace Case Study


North Park Terrace Identifies $39,819 in Water Savings Per Annum


CLIENT: York Property Management

TYPES OF BUILDINGS: Multi-family Residential

SERVICES: Water monkey install, city meter monitoring, water audit

TOTAL NOI ENHANCEMENT: $38,819 per annum

START DATE: April 2022

RESULTS: Identified and resolved all toilet leaks


York Property Management owns over 4,000 residential rentals at over 60 properties. Until now, they had little visibility into their water consumption at their multi-family sites and could not determine if they were experiencing water leaks or waste.

As a result, York Property Management turned to Connected Sensors to pilot its smart water system across 3 of its properties for six months. The pilot monitors the City Water Meters amongst several multi-family sites. This case study highlights North Park Terrace, a 30-unit apartment building; however, all three multi-family buildings that participated in the pilot benefitted from identifying and resolving leaks.


Connected Sensors deployed and installed their non-intrusive, battery-operated water monitoring device called the Water Monkey onto North Park Terrace’s single-head water meter. Using LTE, the Water Monkey provided minute-by-minute insight into North Park Terrace’s water consumption data.

Once the WaterMonkey was installed, Connected Sensors provided YPM with a dashboard that tracked water consumption data in real-time and exposed issues such as continuous leaks, also known as runoff water.


During a Water Audit, Connected Sensors and York Property Management found multiple toilet leaks across the 30-unit apartment building. Connected Sensors also provided York Property Management with additional tools and solutions to reduce their total water consumption while using the Connected Sensors Water Audit tool.

Without installing a water monitoring and leak detection device as an early warning system, these multiple toilet leaks would have otherwise gone unnoticed.


The purple on the graph represents the total consumption of water. The yellow on the graph represents the continuous water flow.

Graph 1 clearly illustrates that before November 19th, 2022, the site had significant water waste. After the toilet retrofit, which took place between November 19th-November 21st, the drop in total water consumption and wasted water was quickly identified.


Following the toilet retrofit, the leak rate is now at O litres per minute.


The cursor hovering over the graph identifies the continuous leak rate of 15.69 LPM that was monitored consistently day over day.


Once the multiple toilet leaks were identified, the team at North Park Terrace solicited the help of a local plumbing company to replace all the toilets on site.


When annualized, the savings represent approximately $39,819.

  • Before the toilet retrofit, the total daily water consumption was 34,353 litres.
  • Post toilet retrofit, the current consumption per day is 10,110 litres.
  • Before the retrofit, the annualized water cost would have resulted in $56,424.
  • Post retrofit, the total water spend annualized based on the first week of December’s data represents $16,605

Total savings: $39,819 


A future opportunity would be to roll out our solutions across all of York Property Management’s sites. 

Like car engines, water systems are dynamic. They have moving parts and fluids continuously, resulting in long-term maintenance and repair requirements. The difference here is that in today’s world, we can rely on our car and its built-in “smart technology” to give us the necessary information to make decisions on our following routine or urgent repair requirements. However, until now, such solutions were not readily available for building plumbing infrastructure. Our experience has been that problems and resolutions such as these will continue to occur regularly without the proper technology in place. This is why using the Connected Sensors Analytics Engine alongside the Water Monkey for macro insight and ODEUS for a more targeted approach is necessary to help building owners Manage What They Measure when it comes to water.