The Smart Water Flow Meter That Saves You Money

With real-time monitoring and advanced data insights, the Water Monkey Smart Water Flow Meter helps you detect leaks, optimize water usage, and maximize cost savings across your property portfolio.

Effortless Water Monitoring & Leak Detection

Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, this smart water flow meter provides real-time, 24/7 monitoring of your building’s water usage, offering crucial insights into consumption and leak detection. Gain access to a live dashboard that empowers you to reduce water consumption, proactively identify leaks, and minimize your carbon footprint.

No invasive plumbing or technical expertise required – simply attach it to your water meter in seconds.

Water Flow Meter

Key Features

24/7 Monitoring

Get minute-by-minute monitoring of water usage, allowing you to quickly detect anomalies and respond promptly.

Real-time Notifications

Receive early-warning alerts about high water usage and leaks to empower you to take immediate action.

Cost & Consumption Overview

Track water consumption costs and the cost of leaks to analyze water utilization and ensure accurate billing.

Smart Flow Meter

Water Usage Benchmarking

Track and analyze historical water consumption to identify areas of improvement and track progress over time.

Per Unit Analysis

Input the number of units in the building to assess whether your level of consumption per unit is fair, moderate or excessive.

Battery Life Monitoring

Monitor the battery life of the water monkey, ensuring uninterrupted operation and timely replacements.

Uncover the Benefits of Advanced Water Monitoring & Management

Unlock Water Savings

Identify areas of water waste and inefficiency to reduce water consumption and save on water bills.

Elevate Your Green Credentials

Actively contribute to water conservation efforts, promote sustainable practices, and reduce your environmental impact.

Protect Your Property

Proactively locate hidden leaks to minimize water loss, prevent property damage, and avoid costly repairs.

Secure Your Building's Future with ODEUS

Your Water Monkey smart water flow meter hums away in the background, regularly reporting your water usage. If it doesn’t find any issues, you can at least rest easily, knowing it’s keeping an eye on things. Like a building security system, you hope to never need it, but you’re glad it’s there. But what happens when your Water Monkey detects issues like unusual water flow or leaks?

Then, it’s time to deploy ODEUS.

Water Flow Meter

Take the First Step Toward Reducing Water Waste

Learn more about how the Water Monkey smart water flow meter can help you save money, save your building, and save the environment.