The Smart Flood Sensor that Proactively Prevents Flood Damage

Our smart flood sensor detects floods before they occur, allowing you to take swift action to protect your property, reduce costly damage and save valuable resources.

Flood-Proof Your Property with the Most Reliable Smart Flood Sensor

The Water Sniffer is a smart flood sensor that senses water precisely where it’s needed, providing comprehensive coverage. Safeguard mechanical areas, electrical zones, washrooms, and kitchens using the flood adapter, which senses water at the placement location. Use the rope adapter to extend protection to your risers. And stay in control with our intuitive dashboard, where you can set up real-time early warning alerts and visualize the exact location of the flooding concern on the sensor map. Finally, pair the Water Sniffer with our WMS Duo or Ultrasonic Water Meter for added property protection.

Smart Flood Sensor
Smart Flood Sensor

Key Features

Real-time Monitoring

Continuously monitor water, temperature, humidity and pressure levels throughout your building.

Early Warning Alerts

Get instant notifications and alerts, enabling quick response and preventive actions.

Sensor Mapping

Get a comprehensive visual representation of flood areas to pinpoint the exact location of water intrusion.

Historical Data Analysis

Track and analyze historical flood data to identify patterns, trends, and potential risk areas.

Battery Life Monitoring

Monitor the battery life of the flood detector, ensuring uninterrupted operation and timely replacements.

Customizable Thresholds

Set customizable thresholds for water levels or other parameters, triggering alerts when exceeded.

Power Up Your Flood Defense

Stay Ahead of Disaster

Receive alerts at the very first sign of a flood to accelerate remediation and eliminate costly water damage and waste

Reduce Insurance Overhead

Reduce the frequency and severity of flood-related claims and lower insurance premiums and deductibles

Avoid Disruption

Prevent major water damage and the need for extended downtime and repairs to ensure continuous tenant satisfaction

Complementary Accessories for Added Protection

MOXA AIG-101 Series Automatic Shutoff Valve


IIoT Controller

The MOXA AIG-101 Series is a main distribution shut off valve leveraging predefined algorithms and rules to execute risk-mitigating actions promptly.

Mini Water Stopper


Mini Water Stopper

An in-suite shut-off valve for localized water shut-offs in specific areas affected by leaks or floods with on-valve leak and burst protection alongside a water meter.

Protect Your Property from Devastating Floods

Get the Water Sniffer Smart Flood Sensor today and stay one step ahead of water damage!