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Who is Connected Sensors?

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Developer of Green Technology and Leader in the Water Monitoring and Conservation Space.

Founded in 2019, Connected Sensors has developed a suite of innovative products and solutions specifically designed to save landlords money and help them boost their Net Operating Income (NOI) by monitoring water consumption and leaks using our smart water technology systems. Connected Sensors is revolutionizing how landlords manage and monitor their water expenses.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision at Connected Sensors is to be the most recognized IoT Solutions Company by helping all stakeholders drive efficiencies as a result of IoT. We aim to accelerate the transition to sustainable buildings by delivering innovative technology solutions to all stakeholders of the built environment. To accomplish this, we use our proprietary water monitoring and leak detection technology to help our clients detect inefficiencies within their building’s infrastructure so they can decrease expenses and improve their water consumption while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint.

Why We Care

Our entrepreneurial mindset and approach towards sustainable technology is a reflection of the company's core values of Reliability, Integrity and Care. We have a corporate and social responsibility to do right by our clients, our employees and our greater community and work together towards building a sustainable future.

We are committed to doing business responsibly by focusing our efforts toward water consumption and conservation. Our ability to identify how and where we waste water through our proprietary technology inspires us everyday to take action and partner with like-minded organizations to enable positive change.


Water Conservation Technology

We developed proprietary water monitoring and leak detection systems to reduce water consumption, detect leaks and decrease water waste.

Electric Vehicle Fleet

We promote the use of electric vehicles to reduce our environmental impact and to improve the footprint of our operations.

Paperless Environment

We have created a paperless environment by leveraging technology and automating processes to improve efficiency while producing less waste.

Remote Workforce

All of our employees work from home full-time, reducing office waste, fuel and energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Health & Safety

We prioritize the Health & Safety of both our clients and our employees.

Training & Awareness

We provide continuous employee training to ensure our team is up to date with all the latest health and safety protocols and initiatives.


Leveraging technology to house our health and safety policies and procedures to ensure consistency and ease of access.

The Environment & Our Community

We know how important your community is to you, and we work closely with the members of our communities to develop solutions that save you money, save your building, and save the planet.


Prevent Leaks, Damage & Repairs. Find out how much you can save with our Water Bill Estimator.


Learn how much your can save by reducing wasted water, resources & energy.

Partners We Work With