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Our success is due to the commitment of our team. From our years of experience, we know the needs of every business is unique, and we recognize our responsibility to provide customized, trustworthy service. We have a proven track record of success in technology, property development, insurance, operations management.

As individuals, we care about our work. As a team, we are dedicated to providing the right technology for the right purpose, every time

Simon Brunet

Founder & President

Simon Brunet is the Founder and President of Connected Sensors, a leader in water monitoring and conservation. He has dedicated the last 5 years to meticulously researching and crafting a groundbreaking solution that effectively mitigates building risk and revolutionizes water management. Leveraging his extensive finance background, Simon has skillfully developed and implemented models that yield a remarkable return on investment for all stakeholders, ranging from insurance companies to property owners and managers.

Johann van Niekerk

Johann van Niekerk


Johann van Niekerk is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in driving technological advancement at Connected Sensors. With a deep understanding of IoT, telecommunication, networking, mechatronics, and robotics, he plays a pivotal role in guiding the company towards innovation. Johann’s leadership is instrumental in steering Connected Sensors’ product development, drawing from years of dedicated work in crafting and implementing transformative IoT solutions within the consumer electronics sector.

Jeremy Cooper

Jeremy Cooper


Jeremy Cooper is the seasoned COO driving operational excellence at Connected Sensors, boasting over two decades of expertise in building technology systems. A leader in design and construction, he specializes in sourcing, integrating, and implementing innovative IP-based building solutions. With a focus on Hospitality, Commercial, and Residential sectors, Jeremy excels in project management, network infrastructure, team, account, and partner management. His adeptness ensures seamless operations and future-proof solutions for Connected Sensors’ clients.

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We are building the future of smart water management— it’s an exciting time in an important field. And, great work starts with a great team.