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Save Water And Money With Our Commercial Water Monitoring And Leak Detection Systems

Find and eliminate water leaks, reduce your water bill, and prevent costly water damage. Connected Sensors can help.


Implement A Water Conservation Strategy and Achieve True R.O.I

At Connected Sensors we’re all about making it a win win. Our best-in-class water monitoring and leak detection systems allow our clients to achieve measurable insights on their water consumption.

Reduced Water Bill Costs

Addressing your water consumption and waste can offset rising water costs impacting your operating costs.

Reduced Natural Gas Expenses

Improving the efficiency of your water usage can lead to reductions in your gas and electricity bills.

Decreased Maintenance & Repair Costs

Using real time data to identify and replace aged or defective plumbing infrastructure and fixtures which often go undetected in a timely manner.

Detect & Diagnose Leaks to Accelerate Repairs

Knowing where and when leaks are happening will allow you to act on them quickly before they lead to costly and damaging outcomes.

Reduced Contractor Truck Rolls

Using a targeted approach to leak detection reduces the frequency of costly technician calls which minimizes business interruption.

Sustainable Water Infrastructure

Monitoring your water waste and usage is an important step to achieve your sustainability goals and improve your water footprint

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Why Choose The Connected Sensors Smart Water Monitoring And Leak Detection System?

Using a Connected Sensors water management solution, your commercial building can reduce costs, risk of water damage, and improve your carbon footprint, all through one simple, easy to implement system.

Save Money

Guaranteed Savings

By providing direct insights into the inefficiencies of your water system, Connected Sensors can show you opportunities to reduce your water bills and increase your Net Operating Income

Save Your Building

Turn Key Service

If left unattended, minor plumbing leaks can grow to cause major issues; for example, pinhole leaks can create expensive damage. Through our comprehensive system, we detect plumbing issues before it’s too late.

Save The Environment

Energy Sustainability Impact

By running a more efficient building, you prevent water from going to waste and lower your carbon footprint, doing your part to keep the environment safe for the future.

Connected Sensors Makes It Easy

Find Out How

Build a Resilient Water Future

Monitor your water usage in real time to track your water waste, reduce consumption and detect leaks at the source. Here’s how it works.

Water Audit

Commercial Water Conservation

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. It’s that simple.

When it comes to an effective water conservation strategy, the best approach is to begin by measuring your current water usage. A Connected Sensors Water Audit will explore your building’s water systems, giving you exclusive insights into its performance and opportunities for improvement.

Click below to find out more about how a Connected Sensors Water Audit can help you.

Water Monkey

24/7 Smart Water Flow Meter

Don’t monkey around with your water bill!

The Connected Sensors smart water flow meter gathers information about the water usage in your building. From there, using cutting edge AI and Machine Learning, it analyzes the data, looking for unusual water flow rates and patterns.

Your Water Monkey will report the analyzed data back to your Connected Sensors live dashboard, giving you exclusive, real time updates on the water usage in your building.

This device can potentially save you thousands of dollars a month on your monthly water bills – click below to find out how.


Smart Leak Detector

For leak detection right at the source, trust ODEUS.

ODEUS is a point of use clamp on leak detector that identifies leaks, right at the source, as soon as they happen. With ODEUS, you’ll get targeted insights into your water usage activity, helping you detect leaks, irregular usage, and other water consumption issues. From there, you can repair or replace these leaking fixtures as needed, saving your building from damage and reducing your water bill.

If you manage a multi residential building, it’s virtually a guarantee that you have leaking plumbing fixtures. ODEUS can help you find them. Click the button below to find out how.

Save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and reduce your risk of water damage in your high rise building.

Connected Sensors Can Help
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