Always-On Water Monitoring and Flood Prevention Systems

Find and eliminate water leaks, reduce water bills, and prevent costly water damage.

Smart Water Systems

Actionable Water Insights that Achieve True R.O.I

Our next-gen smart water systems provide real-time, measurable insight into water consumption and leaks across your property portfolio to help you save money, mitigate risk and enhance sustainability.

Minimize Utility Costs

Address water consumption and waste to reduce water, gas and electricity bills

Mitigate Insurance Risk

Eliminate costly insurance claims and deductibles and lower insurance premiums

Perform Proactive Maintenance

Identify and replace aged or defective plumbing infrastructure and fixtures

Accelerate Repairs

Pinpoint and repair leaks before they lead to costly damage and downtime

Reduce Contractor Truck Rolls

Reduce the frequency of costly technician calls and minimize business interruption.

Enhance Sustainability

Reduce your carbon footprint and achieve your sustainability goals

Smart Water System


Say Goodbye to Costly Water Waste

With so many fixtures and appliances to manage, all at varying degrees of wear and tear, it’s hard to notice every issue and inefficiency in your plumbing infrastructure.

Our water monitoring systems automatically identify water consumption inefficiencies to help your organization significantly reduce your water bills and your carbon footprint.


Stop Water Damage In Its Tracks

Do you want to avoid the headaches and expenses of water damage in your commercial properties? Then, take action before you experience a costly and catastrophic leak.

Our commercial flood prevention and detection systems enable you to detect floods and leaks early, to minimize damage, save thousands of dollars in repairs and insurance claims and help keep your buildings safe, secure, and profitable.

Smart Water Systems

Our Customers

See why these companies choose Connected Sensors for reliable smart water systems.

From proposals and planning to implementation and support, the Connected Sensors team worked with us every step of the way to ensure our smart water system was set up for success. We now have real-time, measurable insight into our water supply systems, consumption patterns, and water-related equipment to help us identify potential areas of water waste, leaks, and inefficiencies.
John Chung
CIO, Morguard
Connected Sensors flood prevention system provides us with comprehensive coverage across our property, sensing water precisely where it’s needed. Through their intuitive dashboard, we can set up real-time early warning alerts and visualize the exact location of the flooding concern on the sensor map to ensure immediate remediation and eliminate the chance of any water damage or waste. This innovative system has granted us peace of mind and proven to be an invaluable investment in safeguarding our property against potential water-related risks.
Shawn Bouchard
COO, Quadra Homes
With real-time monitoring and advanced insight into our water consumption patterns, the Water Monkey has enabled us to swiftly detect leaks, optimize water usage, and maximize cost savings across our extensive property portfolio. We now have greater control over our water infrastructure, enhancing our efficiency and elevating our commitment to sustainability.
Justin Di Ciano
COO, Prime Real Estate Group
Smart Water Sytems

Delivering Value Beyond Technology

We understand that business value is created by much more than great technology. You need a solution that is guaranteed to work with your existing infrastructure, experts to ensure a successful installation in any environment, and quick access to support in case any issues arise. That’s where we shine.

From proposals and planning to implementation and support, we’re with you every step of the way to ensure you unlock the full potential of your smart water management system.

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