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Want To Save Money On Your Water Bill & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

Want To Save Money On Your Water Bill & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

Let Us Show You How

Who Connected Sensors Is For

Does A Smart Water Monitoring & Leak Detection System Make Sense For Me?

Is your water bill increasing? Do you have a leak somewhere in your building, but you can’t pinpoint exactly where? Our water monitoring and leak detection systems are designed to decrease your expenses, improve your water consumption, reduce your environmental footprint, and more.

We offer smart commercial leak detectors for:
Condominium Buildings

Are you tired of unpredictable water expenses and not being able to monitor how much water your residents are using? Notice an increase in your water budget year over year but can’t pinpoint why? Connected Sensors has you covered.

Multi-Unit Residential

Are you noticing an increase in your water usage? Or looking for ways to improve your Net Operating Income? As a landlord you’re concerned about your tenants and your bottom line and Connected Sensors can help you address your water consumption, reduce costs, and keep the water flowing sustainably.

Hotels & Hospitality

Worried about an unexpected water leak and how it might affect your guests? Looking to achieve your net zero and sustainability goals? Our smart water monitoring and leak detection systems track your water usage 24/7 so you can stop leaks at the source and prevent damage.

Commercial Buildings

Are you tired of unpredictable water expenses? Having trouble budgeting for next year’s increases? Connected Sensors can help. We’ll monitor your water usage with our commercial leak detection system, helping to improve your bottom line and make life easier for both you and your tenants.


Benefits of A Water Leak Detection & Monitoring System

Don’t leave your building’s structural integrity up to chance. Let Connected Sensors protect you and your building with our advanced water leak detection and water flow meter monitoring systems.

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How Our Commercial Water Detection & Monitoring Sensor Systems Work

We use your building's water data in real time to optimize your plumbing system to eliminate water waste, detect leaks and reduce consumption.

Introducing our Water Rehab Program:
Pre Audit

Review Historical Consumption and Billing

During the pre audit phase, it’s all about understanding your unique situation.

You’ll get access to a Connected Sensors advisor who will review your historical water consumption and measure it against your expected occupancy rate and unit types. From there, we’ll consider what comes next.

If you manage a portfolio of properties, we recommend a comprehensive portfolio review to identify and target your most inefficient assets. Your Connected Sensors advisor will help you understand the best, most efficient process to help you get the most out of your water leak detection system.

The Water Audit

Assessment and Solution Design

Now that we’ve gathered the information we need, it’s time to run a Water Audit. During the Water Audit, your Connected Sensors advisor will perform a detailed assessment of your building’s infrastructure. We’ll consider 10% of your total unit count, with the goal of measuring your water consumption and leak rate. A Connected Sensors Water Audit will provide an accurate representation of your building’s water profile. This gives us what we need to calculate an estimate of how much you can save through a Connected Sensors smart water monitoring system.

The Analysis

Audit Infrastructure Install Monitoring Devices

During the analysis phase, we’ll deploy the Water Monkey, our proprietary smart water monitoring flow detection device backed by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Attached to your building’s water meter, the Water Monkey monitors your water usage in real time. This gives us the information we need to understand your building’s water consumption and leak profile. The Water Monkey reports back to your Connected Sensors live dashboard, meaning you get real time updates 24/7 on the water usage in your building.


Full Scope Technology

Once we’ve analyzed the data from your Water Monkey, it’s time to implement our findings. We’ll repair your leaks and install the most up to date plumbing fixtures to replace the old ones. Next, comes ODEUS. ODEUS is a clamp on water monitoring device installed on your risers, in an individual unit’s water supply, or even on individual plumbing fixtures such as toilets, faucets and sinks to monitor water usage and receive more targeted data.

Monitor & Control

24 Hour Monitoring Incident Monitoring/Control

Now that you have Connected Sensors devices installed everywhere you need them, you’ll get access to real time data from our proprietary dashboard. This gives you exclusive insight into your water usage activity, helping you detect burst pipes, leaks, irregular usage, and other water consumption issues. This proactive approach to track water usage helps you reduce your costs, providing a solution for how to lower your water bill, save water and mitigate your building risk.

How Connected Sensors Helps

Save Money, Save Your Building, Save The Environment

Find out more about how a Connected Sensors water monitoring and leak detection system can help you.

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