How to Choose the Best Water Leak Detector

How to Choose the Best Water Leak Detector

Water waste is a nightmare for property owners and managers, leading to excessive water bills and lost revenue. Fortunately, smart water leak detectors offer a proactive solution, providing real-time monitoring and early warnings to prevent these issues. But with so many options available, how do you choose the best water leak detector for your commercial or multifamily property?

Key Features of the Best Water Leak Detector

Always-on Active Detection

Within multifamily residential buildings with numerous units and interconnected plumbing systems, a slow, unnoticed leak can lead to soaring water bills and water waste. With always-on, active leak detection sensors, you can continuously monitor water flow, and identify potential leaks even during non-business hours. This ensures that even the most minor drips, are detected promptly. In commercial and multifamily properties with substantial water usage, active detection ensures that no potential issue slips through the cracks, effectively preventing significant problems that could result in substantial water-related expenses for property owners.

Early Warning Alerts

In a commercial building, a leaking toilet can lead to substantial water loss over time. Property owners might not detect the issue without early warning alerts until it becomes significant. A detector that sends real-time alerts to smartphones or central monitoring systems allows property managers to respond promptly, shut off the water supply, and address the leak, thus minimizing water loss and preventing potential disruptions to business operations or tenants’ daily lives.

Granular Insights

A water leak detection sensor with water flow monitoring can identify even the subtlest abnormal patterns in water usage at the source, allowing property owners to take corrective action promptly. These data-driven insights empower property owners to optimize water usage, uncover inefficiencies, and make informed decisions about maintenance and resource allocation. As a result, precise and granular insights can lead to significant cost savings and contribute to a reduced environmental footprint by conserving water resources.

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Cost and Consumption Tracking

Accurately billing tenants for their water usage is crucial in a multifamily property. A detector that tracks water consumption and calculates associated costs provides transparency and fairness in billing. It also enables property owners to maintain predictable and reliable water-related expenses and efficient allocation of costs and resources, contributing to a stable financial outlook for both property owners.

Remote Management and Scalability

Property managers oversee multiple commercial and multifamily properties scattered across a city. Travelling to each location to check on detectors is time-consuming and inefficient. Remote management and centralized dashboards make monitoring and managing all properties from a single location easier, improving efficiency and reducing operational costs. 

Ease of Installation

Easy-to-install water leak detectors minimize disruption to your property and tenants, avoiding unnecessary downtime and inconvenience. It also empowers property owners and managers to install the sensors themselves, potentially saving installation costs and reducing reliance on external professionals. Additionally, the user-friendly installation encourages wider adoption and coverage, creating a robust network of sensors throughout your property portfolio.


Durability is a leak detection sensor’s essential armour against the elements it guards against. Think of your sensor as it faces your property’s challenges – temperature fluctuations, potential exposure to chemicals, and even accidental impacts. Even the most advanced sensor can falter without robust construction and weatherproof materials, exposing your property. Durability ensures continuous, round-the-clock operation, regardless of the environment.

Battery Life

A long-lasting battery ensures uninterrupted operation, reducing the risk of missed leaks and costly damage. Property owners can have confidence in their water leak detection system, knowing it will function effectively over an extended period without frequent battery replacements. This reliability not only safeguards against potential repair costs but also offers a cost-effective and dependable solution for property protection.

Reliable Connectivity

Reliable connectivity is crucial for water leak detection sensors in commercial and multifamily properties. Whether through LoRaWAN backed by LTE or other robust communication technologies, dependable connectivity ensures uninterrupted monitoring, timely alerts, and effective data transmission. It minimizes the risk of missed leaks and inefficiencies and gives property owners and managers the confidence to proactively protect their assets and reduce potential damage.


Compatibility with various pipe sizes and materials is critical for water leak detectors. This flexibility streamlines installation, accommodates diverse plumbing configurations, and minimizes the need for costly modifications or disruptions. It ensures comprehensive coverage across different areas of the property, from main pipes to distribution lines. It optimizes cost-efficiency by eliminating the necessity of replacing or altering existing plumbing infrastructure. Compatibility with varying pipe sizes and materials enhances the sensor’s adaptability, making it a valuable asset for property owners seeking efficient and non-disruptive water leak detection solutions.

Introducing ODEUS

ODEUS is a point-of-use clamp-on intelligent water leak detector that offers unprecedented insights into your water usage, helping you detect burst pipes, leaks, and irregular consumption at the source. ODEUS provides precise data on riser or tenant water usage, enhancing our Water Monkey analytics with higher granularity to help you reduce the risk of water damage, lower operating costs, and positively impact the environment.

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