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The Smart Water Flow Meter That Saves You Money

Using an advanced AI system, the Water Monkey smart water flow meter will detect plumbing leaks, water usage issues, and opportunities for you to lower your water bill in your commercial building.

Water Monkey Smart Water Flow Meter | Connected Sensors
Compatible with most meter makes and models 
Easy to install and integrates with existing infrastructure
No plumbing or electrical technician required to install 
Water resistant and tamper proof 
Real time email, SMS and telegram alerts 
Operates autonomously over wireless networks 
Battery operated
24/7 water monitoring in real time

The Problem

Don’t monkey around with your water bill! If you own or manage a commercial building – a hotel, a high rise residential building, or a condo corporation – it’s a good bet that you have some water inefficiencies.

It could be some cranky old plumbing fixtures – like that toilet in room 204B that won’t stop running or an undiscovered leak, hidden to the naked eye or a tenant who hasn’t told you about the dripping faucet..

Left unchecked, either of these situations can lead to increased water consumption, driving up your monthly bills and increasing your carbon footprint for no reason.

You can’t be expected to go through every plumbing fixture and inspect every pipe in your entire building. That’s hundreds – maybe even thousands – of fixtures. If only there was a simple approach to monitor your water consumption and detect leaks.

There is now.

Meet the Water Monkey

The Water Monkey is a revolutionary new smart water flow meter that makes water monitoring and leak detection easy.

It attaches to your building’s water meter, installing in seconds – no mess, no invasive plumbing and no plumbing or electrical technicians required.

Using cutting edge AI technology, the Water Monkey monitors your building’s water usage 24/7 in real time, providing important information on your building’s water consumption and leak profile.

From there, this smart water flow meter for high rise buildings will report back to the live dashboard with the insights you need to reduce your water consumption, spot leaks before they become a problem, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Your Water Monkey analyzes your building’s water usage patterns to detect leaks and unusual water flow rates. Through machine learning, it understands where potential issues lie.

WaterMonkey On Compound meter

Save Water, Save Money, Save Your Building

Find out how much you can save with our Water Bill Estimator

High Level Smart Water Flow Sensor And Leak Detector

Your Water Monkey smart water monitoring device hums away in the background, regularly reporting on your water usage. If it doesn’t find any issues, you can at least rest easily knowing it’s keeping an eye on things. Like a building security system, you hope to never need it but you’re glad it’s there. But what happens when your Water Monkey detects issues, like unusual water flow or leaks?

Then, it’s time to deploy ODEUS.

Contact Connected Sensors Today

Are you the owner or manager of a high rise residential building, a condo corporation, or a hotel? If so, the Connected Sensors Water Monkey smart water flow meter can help.

Don’t monkey around with your water bill! Contact Connected Sensors today, and find out how the Water Monkey can help you save money, save your building, and save the environment – all in one little device.

Water leaks can be frustrating at best and catastrophic at worst, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Contact Connected Sensors, we can help.