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Anytime, Anywhere Live Flood Detection

The smart flood sensor that prevents flood damage to your property.

Our Water Sniffer provides early warning alerts to enable proactive maintenance and avoid long term damage.

10 to 15 Year battery life
No Plumbing or Electrical technician required to Install
Battery Operated
24/7 Real Time Monitoring
Real Time Email SMS and Telegram Alerts
Water Resistant and Tamper Proof
Easy to Install and integrate with existing ifrastructure

The Problem

Due to aging infrastructure, flooding is becoming a more common occurrence in multi-unit residential buildings; more insurance claims are being made for flooding than for fire damage!

Insurance claims can be a lengthy and time-consuming process, deductibles are increasing, and there’s a chance your claim may not be covered at all. Tenants can be taken out of their spaces during the repair process, and common areas may be taken out of commission, lowering tenant satisfaction.

Furthermore, when flooding occurs, it can cause significant damage to the building and tenant spaces, it disrupts building occupants, and it wastes significant amounts of water.

Meet the Water Sniffer

The Water Sniffer actively prevents floods and water damage to your property. By preventing floods before they occur, it saves the building managers money and time and helps increase tenant satisfaction.

Early warning alerts let building managers know the moment a flood is beginning and can act, preventing long-term building damage.

The Water Sniffer Flood senses water at the placement location of the Flood attachment, and is most commonly used to protect mechanical areas, electrical areas, washrooms, and kitchens. The Water Sniffer senses water along the full length of the rope attachment, and is most commonly used in riser applications.

When the attachment detects flooding conditions, it sends an alert to your dashboard, and through SMS/email alerts. Your dashboard includes mapping of your sensors so you know exactly where the area of flooding concern is located. This dashboard can be accessed through your computer or through our mobile app.

The Water Sniffer has an IP67 rated enclosure. It uses 3.6V batteries with a 10-15 year battery life, with the battery life and low battery alerts monitored on your dashboard.

Save Your Building by protecting it from water damage due to flooding. Do all of this and more, with the Water Sniffer.

Contact Connected Sensors Today

Are you the owner or manager of a high rise multi residential building, a condo corporation, or a hotel? If so, the Connected Sensors Water Sniffer can help.

Contact Connected Sensors today, and find out how the Water Sniffer can help you save money, save your building, and save the environment – all in one little device.

Contact Connected Sensors, we can help.