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ODEUS: Best Smart Water Leak Detector Device

The ODEUS leak detector can provide even greater insights into your water infrastructure

Odeus Smart Water Leak Detector Device | Connected Sensors
Water Resistant
Machine learning & AI of usage analysis
Leak, flood detection & water monitoring
No plumbing or electrical technician required to install
Compatible with various pipe sizes and materials
Operates over LoRaWAN backed by LTE
Real time clock
Always on active water detection

The Problem

Do you know the average cost of a leak? As the manager of a high rise residential building, a condo corporation, or a hotel, you know that your building has hundreds of plumbing fixtures in it. Up until this point you have been replacing your fixtures as they malfunction or as a tenant notifies you.

But what if you had a device that could detect leaks and unusual water flow at the source?

That’s where ODEUS comes in.


ODEUS is a point of use clamp on water leak detector that can be installed on a multitude of different water fixtures, including plumbing risers, water supply for individual units and individual plumbing fixtures. ODEUS gives you targeted insights into your water usage activity, helping you detect burst pipes, leaks, irregular usage, and other water consumption issues at the source.

Working in conjunction with your Connected Sensors dashboard, ODEUS will provide you with unprecedented insight into riser or tenant water usage and complement the Water Monkey analytics with higher granularity.

Based on the data your ODEUS collects, you can reduce your risk of water damage to your building, save water, reduce your monthly operating costs, and lower your carbon footprint, all in one shot.

Have You Looked At Your Water Bill Lately?

Find out how much you can save with our Water Bill Estimator

Buildings always leak and water waste is very common amongst multi-residential and commercial buildings. Without monitoring, it can be very challenging to find leaks, and the cost is diluted through a large water bill.

How Can The ODEUS Leak Detector Help You Save
Water And Money?

When it comes to leak detection and water monitoring, your ODEUS device can give you the insights you need to ensure your water systems operate at peak efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at the issues that can arise with each plumbing fixture in your high rise building, and how ODEUS can help solve them.

Let’s Put Things In Perspective…

Smart Water Leak Detector

For Toilets

At any given moment, one in five toilets are leaking.

Let’s consider it from a financial perspective.

Let’s assume a building has 300 toilets. If one in five of those is leaking, that’s 60 leaking toilets.

The average leaking toilet will waste about 6000 gallons of water per month. Toronto water costs $0.01315679 per gallon – that’s about $79 per toilet per month..

If the building has 60 toilets leaking, that’s $4,740 wasted per month.

Smart Water Leak Detector

For Faucets

So toilets are clearly a problem, but what about faucets?

The United States EPA estimates that a faucet leaking at a rate of one drip per second will waste 250 gallons of water per month. And while that’s an American source, there’s no reason to believe their faucets work any different than ours do.

It’s also estimated that about one in ten faucets have a problem with leaking.

Assuming a building has 900 faucets in it, that’s 90 leaking faucets, leaking 22,500 gallons of water per month. That’s costing $296 a month.

Smart Water Leak Detector

For Showerheads

A showerhead that has a leak of 10 drops per minute wastes over 500 gallons of water per year, or 41 gallons per month.

If we assume that 1 in 10 showerheads leak in a building with 300 showerheads, that’s 1230 gallons lost each month, equal to $16 per month.

All Together Now...

Based on the above examples, let’s take a look at how much water – and money – is being wasted each month.

Shower heads
Wasted Monthly

60,000 +

Wasted Annually — Money Down the Drain
Operating costs are high enough as it is – why throw money away for no reason? ODEUS can help.

Your ODEUS water leak monitoring device will hunt down these leaking, inefficient toilets, pinpointing exactly where the problems are. Stop these old, inefficient plumbing fixtures from hemorrhaging money! Use the ODEUS leak detector to find – and resolve – your water woes.

Save Water, Lower Your Bills, And Prevent Water Damage To Your Building