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Warranty Policy


About Us

Connected Sensors Founded in 2019, Connected Sensors has developed a suite of innovative products and solutions specifically designed to save landlords money and help them boost their Net Operating Income (NOI) by monitoring water consumption and leaks using our smart water technology systems. Connected Sensors is revolutionizing how landlords manage and monitor their water expenses.

Our vision at Connected Sensors is to be the most recognized IoT Solutions Company by helping all stakeholders drive efficiencies as a result of IoT. We aim to accelerate the transition to sustainable buildings by delivering innovative technology solutions to all stakeholders of the built environment. To accomplish this, we use our proprietary water monitoring and leak detection technology to help our clients detect inefficiencies within their building’s infrastructure so they can decrease expenses and improve their water consumption while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint.


Products manufactured by Connected Sensors carry a 24-month warranty period. Any other products supplied by the Connected Sensors will carry a warranty as specified by that supplier and will be stated in the Warranty Summary provided in the Landlord package. Additionally, information shall be forwarded to the customer upon request. All warranty claims shall be evaluated on merit and shall be approved by the designated person.

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Limited Warranty

1. Definitions:
For purposes of this Warranty,

  1. “Sales Documentation” refers to the relevant purchase order, monitoring agreement, letter of intent, scope of work document, and/or invoice.
  2. “Buyer” refers to the individual or entity identified on sales documentation.
  3. “Seller” refers to Connected Sensors as an entity, as identified on the sales documentation.
  4. “Hardware” refers to equipment that has been designed, and manufactured by or on behalf of Seller, or any third-party manufacturers equipment offered for sale by Seller to Buyer
  5. “Product” refers to any product manufactured by or on behalf of the Seller as listed in the sales documentation.
  6. “Services” refers to product installation which includes implementation, commissioning and activation; maintenance and technical support, training, auditing and reporting, system integration and any other professional services provided by the Seller to the Buyer. Services exclude managed services and hosted cloud services provided by the Seller.
  7. “Software” refers to the Seller-created dashboards, cloud integration, alert systems and communications issued via email or SMS. This included any further enhancements, modifications, and bug fixed provided thereto.

2. Limited Warranty

The Seller warrants that during the Warranty Period, the Product and Services will be free from defects in materials or workmanship arising under normal use. This Warranty shall apply only to the Products and Services and shall not apply to any other goods or materials, parts or components of a system or any system as a whole. This Warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear.

Seller does not warrant:

  1. Products not purchased from Seller or its authorized resellers;
  2. That the operation of the Product will be uninterrupted or error-free;
  3. That the Product will operate in combination with other third-party products selected by Buyer; or
  4. Any products manufactured by third parties; provided that Seller will, to the extent permitted by the manufacturer, assign third-party warranties to Buyer. Seller gives no warranty for, and shall have no liability with respect to, any defects arising from any software (other than the Software), including, but not limited any third-party application software, downloaded to or otherwise used in conjunction with the Product. Seller further warrants to Buyer that during the Warranty Period, all Services performed by Seller for Buyer will be provided in a workmanlike manner.

3. Exclusions from Warranty

The Warranty shall not apply to problems attributable to, or as a result of:

  1. Improper installation or misapplication of parts. (Herein, refers to installations performed directly by the Buyer.
  2. System failures induced by other products or components;
  3. Lack of proper inspection or maintenance or failure to provide a suitable operating environment.
  4. Any consumables provided with the Product, including but not limited to batteries and other accessories;
  5. Power surges, fire, unusual mechanical, physical or electrical stress, severe weather conditions, acts of nature or man-made disasters, including but not limited to, lightning, fires, floods; tampering or removal of batteries, relocation of the device without formal approval of the Seller, found to be running on substandard batteries which deviate from the technical cut-sheet recommendations;
  6. Usage or operation not in accordance with published ratings, specifications or instructions;
  7. Any adjustments, modification, alteration, removal or repair of any part of the Product, including but not limited to removal or alteration of serial numbers or other identifying marks not expressly authorized by Seller in writing. All installation, commissioning and maintenance work is only to be carried out by a pre-approved value-added Reseller or approved installer;
  8. Accidental damage, misuse, abuse, neglect or unauthorized access of the Product, or of any system of which the warranted Product is a part;
  9. Any type of aesthetic changes including but not limited to oxidation or corrosion resulting from unusually corrosive marine and industrial atmospheres. (In which case Seller’s only obligation shall be to ensure that Product complies with Seller’s published material specifications.);
  10. Mishandling during shipment of the Product;
  11. Modifications or configuration carried out after the project has been commissioned that has not been pre-approved by Seller.

4. Remedies

Seller’s sole and exclusive obligation and Buyer’s exclusive remedy under this Warranty is Seller’s repair or replacement of the defective Product or re-performance of services or issuance of a credit for the net book value of the purchase price of the defective Product. Seller shall have sole discretion as to which of these remedies Seller will provide. If Seller elects to replace or repair the defective Product, the replaced or repaired Product will be warranted for the remainder of the Warranty Period applicable to the originally shipped Product, but the Warranty shall not be extended beyond the original Warranty Period.

Replacement Products may be new, refurbished or contain refurbished materials.

5. Returns

Buyer must notify the Seller of any claimed defect in the Product and/or Services. If the claim refers to the Product being defective in materials or workmanship, the Seller shall have the right to either examine the Product where it is located or, in its sole discretion, issue shipping instructions for return and subsequent assessment of the Product. Seller’s inspection in response to a warranty claim shall not constitute acceptance or acknowledgment of the claim’s validity. Except as otherwise agreed to in writing, Products may not be returned to Seller without prior authorization. Buyer must contact Seller to obtain an authorization number and return the Products to the location designated by Seller. Any Products returned to Seller without proper authorization will be returned to Buyer at Buyer’s expense. Risk of loss, damage and insurance responsibilities for the Products shall not pass from Buyer to Seller until delivery of the Products to Seller’s designated location. Buyer shall prepay all transportation charges for such return.