Press Release - Connected Sensors Launches New Innovative Water Monitoring & Leak Detection Devices To Help Landlords Reduce Water Bills and Boost NOI

Press Release - Connected Sensors Launches New Innovative Water Monitoring & Leak Detection Devices To Help Landlords Reduce Water Bills and Boost NOI

Toronto, ON –  Founded in 2019, Connected Sensors is a developer of Green Technology and a leader in the water monitoring and conservation space. With a mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable buildings, Connected Sensors is delivering innovative technology solutions set to revolutionize commercial and multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs). With over twenty-four months spent on research and development, Connected Sensors has launched a new suite of products specifically designed with the client and the environment in mind. 

The company’s innovative approach to water monitoring and leak detection is aimed at base building and point-of-use water consumption monitoring, granting landlords, managers and owners alike the ability to reduce costs, decrease building risk and improve their carbon footprint. 

The Water Monkey is a revolutionary new wireless, battery powered water flow meter that makes water monitoring and leak detection easy. The LTE-connected smart device is compatible with all mechanical water meters and installs in seconds – no mess, no invasive plumbing and no plumbing or electrical technicians required. Using cutting edge AI technology, the Water Monkey provides important information on the water consumption and leak profile of a building through monitoring water usage in real time. The Water Monkey allows building managers to better understand consumption trends, leaks, and irregular usage by eliminating the lag between consumption and billing through litre by litre analytics. From there, the Water Monkey will report back to the Connected Sensors Dashboard and through machine learning, it understands where potential issues lie. But what happens when your Water Monkey detects issues, like unusual water flow or leaks? Then, it’s time to deploy ODEUS.

Meaning Water God, ODEUS is an Internet of Things (IoT) point-of-use clamp on water leak and monitoring device that can be installed on a multitude of different water fixtures, including plumbing risers, water supply for individual units, and individual plumbing fixtures. ODEUS gives you targeted insights into your water usage activity, helping you detect burst pipes, leaks, irregular usage, and other water consumption issues at the source. This further increases savings and acts as an enabler for future projects in AI analytics and gamification. ODEUS facilitates real-time water usage tracking, leak monitoring, and consumption reporting for all points-of-use within each tenant suite. Working in conjunction with Connected Sensors’ desktop & mobile dashboard, ODEUS provides building managers with unprecedented insight into tenant water usage and complements the Water Monkey analytics with higher granularity.

“Water prices in North America continue to increase year over year with no end in sight; in fact, we’ve recently heard from a client that their water expenses have surpassed natural gas,” says Simon Brunet, President of Connected Sensors. “Customers need new efficient solutions and services to reduce water consumption and keep soaring water bills under control. Connected Sensors has only just started to scratch the surface of this market with our suite of offerings.”

When implemented into buildings across North America, Connected Sensors’ products support water conservation efforts by providing actionable insights into water waste and consumption, resulting in environmental and financial benefits through millions of litres of water saved.

With rising water costs, fresh water scarcity, and increased government support for water conservation and environmental efforts, Connected Sensors is seeing a heightened demand amongst landlords, owners and managers in implementing a water monitoring and leak detection system.

Are you the owner or manager of a multi-residential building, a condo corporation, or a hotel looking to reduce your water bill? If so, Connected Sensors has you covered!  Contact us today.