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Connected Sensors Receives 2023 Water Canada Award for Modern Water Conservation System

TORONTO, ON June 12, 2023 – Connected Sensors, a developer of green technology and a leader in the water monitoring and conservation space, has won the prestigious 2023 Water Canada Award for Water Conservation. Connected Sensors is recognized for its innovative smart water systems that address water consumption and waste to aid property managers in their water conservation strategies.

Fresh water is a finite resource. On average, eighty-five percent of properties waste thirty-five percent of their water consumption by means of leaks. Water waste not only has detrimental financial implications but also undermines sustainability efforts. Leaks and inefficient practices can lead to inflated water bills, costly repairs, property damages, and even pose health hazards. Water waste also places a heavy burden on already-stressed local water resources, intensifying the impacts of drought and exacerbating water-related challenges numerous regions face.

Connected Sensors’ next-gen smart water systems are specifically designed to address the water challenges for commercial and industrial facilities using a variety of IoT sensors and a powerful AI platform. With real-time monitoring and alerts of a building’s water infrastructure, property management companies can optimize their plumbing system, effectively eliminate water waste, quickly identify and remediate leaks, and significantly reduce consumption, water loss and damage.

“We are honoured to receive the Water Canada Award for Water Conservation,” said Simon Brunet, Founder and President at Connected Sensors. “The recognition is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to revolutionizing water management, mitigating waste, and driving conservation efforts. We are proud to be at the forefront of the industry, enabling sustainable water practices and positively impacting our environment.”

The award was presented at the annual Water Canada Awards Gala, which took place on June 8 in Ottawa, as part of the Water Canada Summit. These awards have recognized people, projects and technologies that have significantly contributed to Canada’s water industry for 13 years.

For more information about Connected Sensors and their smart water systems, please visit www.connectedsensors.com.

About Connected Sensors

Founded in 2019, Connected Sensors has developed a suite of innovative products and solutions specifically designed to save landlords money and help them boost their Net Operating Income (NOI) by monitoring water consumption and leaks using our smart water technology systems. Connected Sensors is revolutionizing how landlords manage and monitor their water expenses.